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Ted Higgs          Archipelago     


Poetry, like life, is “an echo heard in dream,” as Ted Higgs writes in “Looking West.”  In this chapbook, Higgs's poetry echoes all of our lives, no matter if we've never been to Antwerp or Fujisan or a NATO Camp; the truths transcend space and time, find us all, if we're willing to listen.     

                 --Kevin Brown

Yvonne Morris            Mother was a Sweater Girl

In Mother was a Sweater Girl , Yvonne Morris serves up enticing slices of contemporary life.  Whether her subject is a cowboy in a bar, a groom at a wedding, a dream of Vienna, a memory of her sweater-girl mother, or a nervy stranger in the back of a Pinto, in all these vivid, free-verse poems Morris infuses sensuality, imagination, and verve. Typical is the character who "gathers men like / ready berries" and "makes wine from their tears."  In poem after distinctive poem Morris whets the reader's appetite for more.   
--Matthew Brennan


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The Heartland Review  Fall 2017

Chris Carbaugh     Shaina Clingempeel    Ruth Ann Dandrea

Holly Day    George Eklund    Alexis Ivy    Leatha Kendrick

Gary Leising    Randolph Parker    Lynn Pruett

Katie Riley    John Timothy Robinson    Jeff Worley

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Chris Brennan Interchange


Nina Murray                         Minor Heresies                           9780999686898

In Minor Heresies Nina Murray celebrates the mystery of existence, of man’s place in nature, and explores the intimacies of that relationship.  She investigates too the harmonics of language, how sound builds meaning, and stands as witness to moments of illumination, when we too can “divine/the blessing of stillness/from the bark’s cryptic lines.”  Her poetry challenges us to understand the subtleties that surround us, if we dare.

--Ted Higgs, author of Archipelago and Plank by Plank



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