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THRP applogizes for the lateness of our THR spring 22 issue. We hope to have it out soon.

Welcome to The Heartland Review Press.


Established in 2016, The Heartland Review Press publishes 2-5 books per year.

We publish two literary journals titled The Heartland Review in the Spring and in the Fall.  Submissions for this are accepted  throughout the year for it. 


For submission details, see The Heartland Review.


We feature an annual chapbook contest where prizes are offered. This opens in

the spring and closes in the fall. For submission details, see the Chapbook Contest. 

We are honored to host the Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize whose winners and finalists will appear in the following spring issue of The Heartland Review.

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THR Press publications are generously funded by Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) , subscriptions to The Heartland Review and  contest or general donations. As a non-profit, proceeds are used to support contests and publications thereof,  go toward scholarships, travel and conference fees for ECTC's creative writing students, and  bring readers to ECTC's campus to give our students a better understanding of the writerly world and enhance their college experience.